Monday, 2 March 2009

Are our Police Politically Motivated?

According to this article Lib Dem MP David Howarth thinks so.

There are plenty of people in the UK that already know the Police have been increasingly politicised over the years. It started with Maggie's crushing of the miners and continued with greater pace under Labour.

The demanding of new powers by the Police (Headed by ACPO Ltd) and the puppydog rolling over of politicians and granting their every whim has got us to this stage.

It should be for the politicians to put forward new laws and the Police to enact them as public servants, it shouldn't be for the Police to request their own self-serving legislation.

Now the Police are tooling up for a "summer of rage". They expect a glut of protests by activists all over the country, taking advantage of public anxiety and getting people out onto the streets.

It mustn't happen. If protests happen at all, they should be peaceful and within the law. That way, the establishment is denied any reason to bring even more legislation into play. Its even hinted that "middle England" will take to the streets. I do hope so; those middle classes need to see and feel for themselves the monster they and the media that panders to them has created in the para-military Police we have today.

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