Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Inexorable Fall of The Graduate.

We all know it: that today, university degrees are worth far less these days than they were decades ago. Thanks to pressure from government and acedemics looking to create huge numbers of teaching roles, the number of young people leaving university with degrees has increased in magnitude. The thing is, where are the jobs for all of these graduates and, more importantly where are all the jobs going to be for those that don't follow the higher academic path?

The problem is, as the better jobs dry up for grads, there begins a trend down the job ladder, with graduates taking jobs that would normally be filled by those that followed a vocational education path. Its a trend fully established in the UK, with very few apprenticeships compared to degree courses and graduates unable to find decent jobs upon leaving university..

But as new graduates aim lower and lower in the job market, whats going to happen to those lower down? I can foresee a time when graduates will be doing even the most simple jobs and there will be very few if any jobs for those leaving school that don't go to university. What exactly, do we do with those people?

Add into the mix unfettered immigration fom the continent and all I can see in the future is a whole section of society disenfranchised from the rest, alienated and angry.

I can't see any policy moves by the government that seek to address this huge problem. We seem to be set on a course that is guaranteed to generate a whole section of society forever dependent on benefits, unable to make their own way in the world creating drag on growth and wealth.

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