Friday, 17 September 2010

WTF? No, seriously, WTFF???

A school has curtailled outside breaks because of...

A paedo threat? Nope.

A psycho stalker? No, not that either.


Excessive noise.

Give me fucking strength!

Someone, buys a house next to a school and then has the gall to complain to the council about the noise the kids are making at playtime. Someone, somewhere should just tell the the whinging bastard to fuck off.

But no, the school has had to waste money erecting a fence to help quell noise (like that would help, I could hear my kid's school at playtime and I was half a mile away).

And now more money - which is actually taxpayer's money is being wasted on an inquiry and assessment that should never be taking place in the first fucking place.

I just don't understand why someone can make such an outrageously moronic complaint, let alone why the school and the local council see the need to spend money pandering to the fuckwit who complained.

Just get one (or maybe all) of the kids to write a letter to their neighbour in their bestest handwriting, in colourful crayon, saying in big, bold letters:


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