Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Problems of Brownfield Housing.

So-called "Brownfield" sites for housing have for many years been touted as one of the ways we can tackle the shortage of housing in the UK.

However, here is a report which gives a lesson as to why brownfield housing has to be sited with care, as not all brownfield sites are suitable for housing.

There's a reason why railways tend to be lined by non-residential properties and the noise they can cause is one of them. As a kid I well remember in the summer months with the windows open, listening to the engine noise of the trains and the squeal of the wheels coming from the railway sidings half a mile away. I know how noisy railways can be. I also get goosebumps just remembering the whistling noise from the turbos of the diesel engines. As nostalgic I reckon as someone harking back to the days of steam.

Anyway I digress.

The point is, planners seem not to take into account the impact of the local environment including noise and other factors when approving brownfield and other sites, like housing developments on flood plains. Its about time they did, despite the pressure to create new housing, there should also be pressure to arrive at housing that is fit for people to live in.

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