Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Traffic Analysis Time.

I thought its time I did some traffic analysis and see who's looking at the site and what they're looking at.

It seems quite a few people have taken an interest in my Post about my daughter and the EU. Including the European Commission, noless. A gaggle of LEAs showed an interest too, no doubt concerned whether a teenager is forming independant thought in their area and whether action needed to be taken to crush it.


  1. You're perhaps not too far off the mark with your last sentence Del. Education is being dumbed down so much that I think even some disinterested parents are beginning to take note.

  2. I saw my daughter's old school slump in standards thanks to poor teaching.

    I'm glad to say her new school appears to have teachers that can actually teach and an effective headmaster.

    She's come on leaps and bounds since she started there.

    The problem with education is the usual Labour standards problem. Labour set standards and everyone runs around attaining them. Which mainly means dumbing down the exams so the requisite number of students attain the requisite grades.

    I've always said that industry prefers Polish young people because they've had a better education.


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