Sunday, 29 November 2009

Copenhagen Climate Conference Part 1 (of many I suspect)

Just off the top of my head: one of the big things at Copenhagen is getting many countries to agree to swap and trade carbon credits, known just as "Carbon Trading".

Now is it just me, or does this sound like yet another commodity that the financial markets of this world would end up trading in?

Is man made global warming just another scam backed by the financial markets to generate money literally out of fresh air?


Hmm, that'll be a yes then. Looky who's pushing for an unrestricted market, one of the oil companies. Well, well.

More from the FT: "Carbon Trading could be a $2000 Billion market in pretty short order"

Its all about money and power. Nothing changes.

So, the story is: Scientists conjure up climate warming model, ecologists hype up the scare story, then politicians and business jump on the bandwagon after seeing opportunities to raise tax and generate profits from nothing.

I hope people won't be disappointed when nothing changes after the release of the UEA CRU data. As I've said, this is way to big an issue now to turn round immediately. A small chip has been taken out of the cornerstone of the MMGW edifice, but we have to chip away a hell of a lot more to reverse and eventually topple the scam that is Man Made Global Warming. Sorry to be cynical folks, but the money men have billions invested in this, its not going to go away THAT easily, despite how much of an injustice is being done in the name of the climate.

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