Friday, 16 October 2009

Conservatives found wanting by Blogosphere?

Being a feckless unemployed type, I regularly trawl through the blogosphere to see whats what with the world.

It provides a bit of an insight into blog trends. The latest trend is interesting. As we get nearer to the general election and the likely winners of that election are the Conservatives, the more the blogosphere is moving attention away from Labour towards scrutinising the policies and actions of the Conservatives.

To be honest, the blogosphere doesn't seem to like what they see. Sure there are some that will welcome the Tories in with open arms. There always will be. But those with more independance of thought , those that really analyse what the Tories are doing and saying are finding their policies and actions lacking.

It really does look like we won't get anywhere near the change of direction necessary to turn the country round. The Conservatives aren't nearly radical enough and to be honest, their hierachy serve the same patrons, attend the same meetings and generally swim in the same waters as the Labour hierarchy, so really it shouldn't come as a great shock that the Cameroids will be just as bad as the Brownians.


  1. Without wanting to be too confrontational......

    justify that.

  2. because they have, or use, the same reasoning, -which is, basically, to pull this or dump that or tweak thus.
    it is not change they are proposing but more further or additional modification of what is. -they are not proposing change, they are saying we will do the same but better. and that is not good enough.

  3. IM: Justify which bit? All of it? Ok, here goes: BOM is doing a nice job of occasionally picking holes in Tory policy. All the libertarian blogs ring with the truth that Tory policy doesn't go far enough, although libertarian policy goes way to far for me. Several other blogs on a regular basis have criticised the Tories (mainly Dave Cameron and George Osborne) as being as fake as Blair, saying whatever it takes to get in power, with no real intention of using that power for the good of all the people.
    The people they serve are those in high finance and big business. David Cameron meets with the Bilderberg group, as did previous leaders Labour and Tory.
    It goes on and on. As anon says, all Cameron will do is add another layer of tweaks and modifications, complicating an already overcomplex governmental system.
    This country needs more than the pruning the Tories offer, we need root and branch reform.
    To continue the metaphor, we need someone in charge that has the balls and conviction to remodel the whole garden from scratch: fire up the rotorvator and have at it!


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