Saturday, 12 September 2009

Political Manipulation of the Justice System Again

It seems that the Justice System and the Government are now cosy bedfellows after 12 years of New Labour rule. Thanks to government tinkering and the abolition of double jeopardy, we have this abomination. The DPP wants three men, cleared of attempted murder, then cleared of conspiracy to murder, by two separate trials and two separate juries, to be sent for a third trial.

Make no mistake what this means: if you go to trial and a jury of your peers finds the evidence provided by the state against you insufficient, the government will repeatedly send you for trial until the justice system delivers a trial with a jury that gives the result the government wants.

Those in power will point to the fact that the justice system is independant of government and its true there are no direct links. BUT (and its a big but) the rules have been changed where the government can abuse the justice system for its own ends.

Well, if the justice system is independant, now is the time to show it and for the judge deciding on a third trial to say enough is enough and stick two legal fingers up at the government.

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