Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More and More and More......

So, Stephen Timms wants the "Broadband Tax" to be made law before the next election.

I just wonder what right the government have to demand this extortion for having a phone line. In an age where people are questioning the TV licence fee, isn't having something similar for telephones just a wee bit obtuse?

Anyway, we all know the money raised will go into central funding and won't be ring-fenced for broadband use and to be honest, how the hell is this money supposed to magic up a broadband line in every house anyway? Are the government going to nationalise a cable company? If not, then just how is the money going to be spent? How will we measure value for money? How will the poor destitute currently non-broadband-owning person suddenly come up with the money to keep using the broadband connection once its in their homes.

To be honest, its another fucking tax. More and more and more fucking tax. Just because they can. Bastards.

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