Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Rise of Police Power

Its already been widely reported about Colin Port being judge and jury and initially refusing (but eventually complying) with orders from court.

Now another Policeman, Assistant Chief Constable Bill Holland, has taken it upon himself to be judge and jury and is trying to get the biker festival called the Bulldog Bash Cancelled. He wants it cancelled, despite there being no trouble at the festival itself (only outside the event), despite the local villagers welcoming the event and the money it brings into the local community, despite the local villagers saying that last year's Police operation was disruptive, over the top and generally unwelcome. So, despite the festival organisers, visitors, local council, local villagers and tradespeople all wanting the Bulldog Bash to go ahead, Bill Holland takes it upon himself to do everything in his power to quash it.

Excuse me, but I thought the Police were servants of the people. If the local community is ok with it and actively promotes it, then the Police should respect those wishes.

Bill Holland says that the Hells Angels (who help organise the event) are a criminal gang and use the proceeds to fund drugs smuggling. The organisers have proved to the local council that the funds are re-invested and are not used for any other purposes than the festival itself, thereby earning a new 10-year licence for the event.

I say to Bill Holland, if you can prove the Hells Angels are a criminal gang, then proscribe them, if you have proof of drug smuggling, then go and arrest the smugglers. If you have proof that proceeds from the Bulldog Bash are being used to fund it, then do something about it.

But right now, all I can hear from Mr Holland is whinging and hearsay, without hard evidence. Hardly a basis for clamping down on a festival that thousands enjoy and welcome.

Mr Holland, the people have told you to leave them alone, now as their servant, you should do just that.

This is just another reason (among many) why I'm coming around to the idea that senior Police Officers should face election and instant dismissal by their local community, not selected by some commitee of jobs-for-the-boys promoters.

Far too many of the Police think themselves a cut above the rest of us and think they should act as social engineers. Thats not their job. Their job is to keep the peace and uphold the law. They should stay away from social engineering and politics.

Its a worrying trend how the Police, Politics and the Political elite seem to be melding into one. We've seen the lawmakers themselves thinking they are above the law and partial to a bit of fraud. We've seen certain elements of the Police think so too. It has to stop.

Mark my words, the public at large are railing against this. Not just the underclass, by now the middle classes are seeing things happening in politics and in public services they don't like. The staus quo has gone on too long and public services no longer see themselves as servants of the people. Instead they want to control us, surveill us, engineer us, make us their puppets. If we step out of line, the consequences far outweigh our missdeeds, in order to make examples of us. The underclass have known this for a decade or more. The middle classes are now coming into contact with the 3000-plus new laws enacted by the Labour government and the power-crazed people in charge of public services.

The public at large are awakening, they will have their say and make their mark very soon.


  1. Finally, someone who has got it!!!
    Your blog is a pleasure to read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, lets hope you can get through to some of the " sheeple" before it's too late.
    Izzy Wildheart

  2. Thanks. I've been fermenting these thoughts for the best part of a year. In my "I blogged a year ago" bit, last year I noted a definate change in the way law was made. In effect the Police tell the Government what laws they want and manufacture evidence to support it.
    I'm seeing more and more Senior Police officers making statements about various groups, making unfounded allegations. If they have evidence, then they should arrest and prosecute. If not, then they should shut up.
    Innocent until proven guilty is a concept that appears unfashionable amongst the modern Police. As are accountability and respect for the law.
    When the middle classes are starting to defy the Police, you know things are bad.


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