Monday, 30 January 2017

Fake News, Fake Journalists.

The Trump Presidency has become a watershed for the BBC.

First they called Brexit wrong and despite biased reporting in an attempt to preserve the elite status quo, the voting public, those people forced by the risk of prosecution to bankroll the BBC voted to leave the EU.

The apoplexy at that decision and the almost immediate hyping of horror stories (the election program hadn't ended before BBC reporters were gloriously slavering over the news that the pound had started to drop (down to pre-Brexit hype levels, but don't let that get in the way of a good story). Almost in a told you so, naughty children kind of way.

Well, the BBC begin to surpass themselves to express the apoplexy at the population again making themselves heard and installing their President in the Whitehouse.

The first was the over-hype of the pointless women's marches around the World, just as over-hyped as the pointless protests after Brexit. Not only that but the drooling commentary over the lack of attendees at Trump's inauguration echoed the slide of the pound on the morning of Brexit.

Then we got the cringeworthy effort of Larua Kuenssberg to ridicule both our Prime Minister and the American President at their joint press conference. An effort so full of bias and bile that all attempts to hide behind "Balanced reporting" seem to have been put aside. No such calling out of Hillary Clinton about how she could not only live with serial womaniser but actively vilify the women he cheated on her with.

Not only Laura; the BBC has released a full pack of "journalist" attack dogs on the Trump presidency and anything else that smacks of their new hate-word "Populism" (AKA: Democracy).

In truth the BBC has the knife out for anything and anyone that fails to agree with their skewed view of the world. Farage, Trump, Brexit, all are considered a joke by the BBC, they are dismissive of the majority view of the population, inventing the term "Populism" on their output to decry and ridicule anything that doesn't fit their globalist, anti-democratic agenda.

The number of so-called journalists that the BBC have put forward to sing the party song and trash Trump has been beyond the pale. I think the only person giving him a fair-ish crack of the whip is Andrew Neil. Someone who remembers what balanced and unbiased reporting is all about. I'm surprised the BBC still employ him. He must have some info on the top brass. I've long expected him to be cast out and to pop up on some online TV channel promoting proper reporting.

All the other coverage is bias, bile and bilge. It's not News.It's an attack on America, American ddemocracy and the American public. It's like watching the BTN Network on V for Vendetta. It's like the BBC attempting to out-Sky Sky, or out-do Fox News. News is drama, truth is the reporter's own viewpoint.

It is fake news, issued by fake reporters who are nothing more than media mouthpieces put in front of the camera or microphone to promote propaganda.

They're not even covering it up any more, or holding back with their victims. They are so sure of their position that it scares me. Just what is going on? They're not even hiding it any more.

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