Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ex-PMs Wheeled out for Remain Cause.

I do like how every single ex-Prime Minister since Maggie Thatcher has been wheeled out in favour of remaining in the EU. Troughing elitists to a man, they have nothing to say that is relevant to those of us at the bottom of the food chain.

Things have got so desperate for Remain, thanks to their slipping lead, that they have dragged out Ol' Slugger and phone thrower Gordon Brown to put forward their case.

Like he's the best person when it comes to policy: Sold our gold off and an all-time low, bottled it and bailed out the banks... we've not forgotten.

Maybe they promised him a cushy job in Europe if he stood up and said a few words in favour if Remain. Just like that other political failure and comprehensively unelectable champion of Labour, Neil Kinnock.

Lest we forget the Kinnock failed spectacularly here in the UK and miraculously rebuilt his career in the EU elite. Just like all the other Labour leaders of recent memory that were supposed to support the working class and deceitfully joined the elite on huge wages and expense accounts.

They do not have the working man's interests at heart. At All. Fuck 'em and do exactly the opposite of what they want.

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