Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pro-Euro Integration Agenda Evolving

I said it weeks ago I think in a comment on another blog: The problems of the Euro zone, far from being an opportunity for our government to renegotiate powers back to the UK, will instead be used by those pushing for further integration to force us to meld into the mire across the channel.

This weekend we've had Blair putting his oar in, Barosso telling the UK what they should be doing amongst others.

To my mind there is an agenda being set: will we be forced into Euro membership, or will it be done by stealth? Will the agenda be that we're joining the Euro to save all the other Euro countries, in an attempt to pander to our sense of fair play?

Who knows, but I can see a trend forming over this weekend and given the pro-European  Parliament we have at the moment, who would be able to stop the trend from forming into a plan and from there action?

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