Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Yet Another About-Turn from the Coalition.

It turns out the rhetoric about enforcing weekly bin collections was just that: another "aspirational" speech from the coalition meant to grab headlines without any legal means of backing it up. People voted in a new set of people, but got the same sound-bite politicians, the same empty rhetoric that we got with the previous lot.

So now after the other half-dozen similar examples, its clear now that this is deliberate policy. The coalition will announce anything and everything they think will win them popularity. This is the basest of the base: politics with no substance, a deliberate policy to deceive the public.

How dare our politicians play us like this? Quite frankly they can because the majority of people don't care about politics, don't care that they basically lie to us.

This country deserves the liars, cheats and swindlers it currently has in office, because that's who you get if the majority of people don't care who holds the power.

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