Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lives Wasted for Political Expediency

This report makes my blood boil.

The US are talking to the Taliban about a political solution to the Afghanistan conflict, while at the same time those same Taliban are killing our servicemen and women.

Just why have we put our service personnel in harm's way? Why have over 300 of those personnel lost their lives? What was so important that needed such loss of life that suddenly becomes so unimportant it can now be negotiated away?

If ever there was a definition of a wrong war, this must be it: all along, from the first boots hitting the ground, to now peace negotiations, it has been a war of political expediency. Those in government here and across the Atlantic must be held to account for the hundreds of service personnel's lives that have essentially been wasted to prove a political point. Those same politicians should especially be judged for the crimes against the thousands of Afghan civilians that have been killed during this senseless conflict.

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  1. Nearer 400 killed Del, 374 to date. Absolutely shameful and I bet not one politician loses a minute's sleep while family of those lost suffer every minute of the day.

    Did you read my bit about the Afghan bank? Makes it more nauseating really.


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