Friday, 22 April 2011

Tough Shit Froggies! The Repercussions of Open Borders

Well, I said it the other day: when EU agreements threaten the sovreignty of Germany or France, the rules get changed.

Well, France want the Schengen agreement changed after the influx of Tunisian immigrants via Italy. 

Modifications to Schengen appear to follow other EU rules, in that there needs to be a majority of member states agreeing to the changes before they can be enacted.

So good luck to the French trying to herd those cats. Thats about how difficult it'll be to get those changes through.

There's still tacit support for asylum seekers trying to get from France to England, so its great to see them getting a taste of their own medicine. Especially as Tunisia is an ex-French colony so the bulk of the immigrants will most likely want to settle in France and not trouble us here too much in great numbers.

Do you think the French will suck it up and just accept things as they are? No, I don't either. Should be worth keeping an eye on.

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