Friday, 11 March 2011

The Emasculated Prime Minister

I can't help but think that David Cameron, bleating about the goings-on in Libya without the means to back up those words sounds a very emasculated Prime Minister.

Meanwhile the Alpha-Male Gadaffi sends the boys in to sort out the rebels.

Must be awfully frustrating for poor Dave, but welcome to the Euro-loving, man-hating, liberal Europe we live in these days. I'm sure he won't mind me calling him Dave, as his office of state no longer commands the respect it used to any more. Plus in these extremely liberal times, everyone has to be on first name terms: it breaks down barriers apparently.

Anyway carry on bleating Dave, but it was you who retired the manpower, it was you who cancelled the equipment and long before that, it was your party who failed to provide a credible opposition to the idiots in the Labour party and thus allowed them to wreck this country.

Feeling a tad frustrated Dave? Welcome to our world.

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