Saturday, 12 February 2011

Be Careful What you Wish For..

Well, Mubarak's gone and the media is stuffed full of talking heads and politicians full of praise for Egypt's public for reclaiming democracy.

Unfortunately, we all know that when it comes to democracy, the Middle East has a different take on what it means than us in the West.

Invariably it means that Islamic fundamentalists gain a foothold which they then manipulate to gain absolute power.

I'm sure behind closed doors in the West the hope is that the Egyptian Military can control the situation and manipulate it to allow a few carefully chosen puppets to fight an election in order to give the illusion of democracy.

A bit like democracy here, where each political party only occupies a narrow political spectrum, with any party at variance to that narrow ideology ignored by the establishment and their media cronies.

Anyone here fancy camping out in their town square in the name of revolution?

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