Thursday, 23 September 2010

Anti-Social Government.

There have been lots of noise today about anti-social behaviour and the Police's response to it. Aparrently (so the news tells us) the Police rate it very low on their priority list.

To be honest, I think the Police are right and those clamouring for the state to do something are wrong.

There was a time when ordinary citizens dealt with anti-social behaviour by clipping the offender round the ear. It cost the taxpayer nothing, it didn't involve the state. In fact it was our civic duty to punish minor infractions in this way.

Now, no-one dares to intervene in case they themselves get charged with breaching any one of a number of laws brought in by do-gooder, righteous knobheads. We are hamstrung by petty rules that prevent us from doing what should be our civic duty. Instead, we cede responsibility to the Police because they're the only people able to safely negotiate the minefield of rules and regulations. This comes at huge cost to the taxpayer.

Additionally, the day after the righteous finish pissing our money up the wall and the hangover kicks in, the money runs out and cuts start to bite, one of the first things the Police do is downgrade anti-social behaviour to a low priority as it wasn't their job in the first place.

So, we are hamstrung by petty rules and the Police don't have the resources to deal with the problem. WHat do you think is going to happen? I for one hope the righteous get a close encounter with a young thug, as he kicks the living shit out of them. Because thats what they deserve for ruining this country.

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