Friday, 16 April 2010

The Unanswered (and Strangely Unasked) Question.

In the whole of the current election campaign, the is one question THE question that remains unanswered: and unasked it seems, by the greater bulk of the population.

What are you going to do for ME? Or to put it another way, How are you going to make MY life better?

Instead we got 3 people blathering on about society, and responsibility. Generic ideals which people really don't care about in their day-to-day lives. What wasn't said was that "Society" means increased state control and  "Increased responsibility" is political shorthand for "bigger state intervention thanks to increased taxes".

It was more of the same: pay more money, get more government intervention. Not one candidate expressed a contrary view. We got more health service, more Police, more rules, more regulations, more control. And to pay for all of this "more government" policy, the unspoken result will be more taxes.

So, just when will we get the chance to ask the unasked question? I doubt it will ever happen. We are being talked to as schoolchildren are talked to by the headmaster. Ther will be more rules, our lives will be regulated, the headmaster will pry into our lives as he sees fit. We will be expected to deliver more, do more, pay more, support the remedial kids who can't or won't get a job, suffer demands from the prefect Police.

We will never be allowed to grow up, to be adults, to take responsibility, to live our lives as we see fit without interference, to experience freedom from burdensome tax.

So, just how will MY life get better if any of the three parties represented last night get into power?

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