Monday, 1 February 2010

ClimateGate: BBC Institutionally, Inextricably, Involved?

It seems that the BBC has more than a vested interest in the man made global warming scam.

Go and have a look at Old Holborn, EUReferendum and BiasedBBC for references.

It makes interesting reading and does explain that the BBC and their workers would have take a huge loss if man made global warming and the financial industry set up around it ever failed. It certainly focusses the mind if your (not insubstantial) retirement nest-egg relies to an extent on an industry that you report on.

It goes to show quite well how a supposedly impartial organisation can be corrupted. Certainly it goes some way to explaining some of the bias we've seen from the BBC and the sluggish nature with which its taken up the controversy around ClimateGate, the IPCC, R K Pachauri, GlacierGate, AmazonGate, the unsettled science, the basic unscientific nature of AR4  and the other unravelling threads of the twisted web that started being unpicked by the release of the UEAs emails.

The climategate affair shows how we should really never, ever take anything at face value. We should challenge authority at every opportunity. The whole thing has proved to a a very complex interwoven web of many strands

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