Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter Feasting for the Blogosphere

This winter is proving a veritable feast for blogs.

You can have a pop at global warming thanks to this cold spell. The BBC even provide a thoughtful piece you can have a laugh at here, where they say the cold snap is still in line with global warming theory. Although to give them their credit, they have dropped the "man-made" prefix.

You might want to take the piss-poor forward planning of government and big business to task, maybe if you lean to the left you might want to rail against the Tory privatisation of the utilities, then here's your opportunity to have a go, as this report details big gas using businesses are about to be rationed, due to the increased winter demand.

I've already mentioned the fact that grit and salt are running out across the country. Again, lack of planning from national and local government.

Oh, and some no-hopers in the Labour party issued a letter four months before a general election calling for a secret ballot on their leadership, but the cabinet failed to produce anyone with the cahones to step forward for the rebels to rally round. Like the cabinet or any other Labour MPs are ever going to grow a spine. Makes Maggie Thatcher's "wets" look positively assertive compared the the spineless, sycophantic melee we have gathered round Gordon Brown at the moment.

So there you have it, lots to rail about, but I'm off to wrap up, stick my nose out into the cold and see if the buses are running to take me to work. First stopped their services in Portsmouth at 3pm yesterday, so I'm  only going to be working until then today, no matter what. The last thing I need is for all buses to be cancelled and have a 4 mile trudge home.

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