Saturday, 9 January 2010

Weather Chaos: Expect More!

I'm hearing reports that a number of bodies like local councils are having their grit supplies taken over by the government and shipped elsewhere.

So those places that have benefitted from good management and ordered in the right amount of grit, used the grit wisely and still have supplies to last the rest of the cold spell, have been pushed into chaos as the grit they thought they had has been commandeered by the government to be squandered on those areas with bad management who are running out.

You couldn't make up how piss-poor at managing things this government are. If it was a TV series you'd turn over in disbelief. Even "The Thick of It" doesn't protray a government that makes everything it touches a disaster does it?

I've seen and heard a number of reports of this sort. Expect more.

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