Saturday, 28 November 2009

Regrettable Racoon Retirement

Anna Racoon has reported she is retiring her blog.

Its a shame, as she has proved on of the most eloquent and readable blog posters in the blogosphere and she will be sorely missed. She's been on the list of my favourite blogs since I started.

In fact she was the first established blogger to contact me, which came as a shock as it took me a while to be bothered about collecting site statistics, so I wasn't sure if anyone was actually reading my online mutterings.

Best Wishes Anna.


  1. I shall miss here too. One of the few completely unselfish bloggers I've come across. She willingly offered help if I was unsure of a statement and I know she was most kind to others.

    Such a shame that it's nasty people who have finally pushed her away plus the jealous attitudes of some bloggers. The same goes on here in the Scottish scene.

  2. Ooops sorry I mean HER not here.

  3. I've yet to feel the wrath of jealous bloggers. Not that I'd be bothered, because I've seen it all before on other online media like forums. Same petty, smallminded jealous people.

    I do hope she has a good rest and recovers.


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