Tuesday, 3 November 2009

No Guarantees (Cast Iron or Otherwise)

So, now that the Czechs have ratified the Lisbon Treaty, David Cameron has said there will be no UK referendum on it. So now not only have Labour gone back on manifesto promises, but the Conservatives have gone back on a "cast-iron" guarantee.

You really do know where you are with our current Parliament: They'll promise the earth, punch you to the ground, shit in your face, piss on the rest of you, then nick your wallet, before giving you a good kick as they depart.

People actually think that things will be different with Cameron in charge. The Lisbon Treaty has shown that really, truthfully, it won't.

Not unless we the public change things.


  1. Here in London we've had a foretaste of the what will come with tories with Boris, who has back tracked on so mnay election 'promises' it's unreal, the C Charge extension zone being the latest

  2. I'm less and less impressed with the Tories the nearer we get to election time. It seems the closer we get, the more disguises they are casting off, turning from the opposite of Labour, to being just like Labour.

    As for Boris, I liked he quashed the £25 congestion charge, but I think the abolition of the extension was a step too far financially.

    I blogged ages ago that London tax payers would foot the bill for the Olympics and I'm convinced thats where the money is going. I don't think David Cameron would be happy if the Olympics failed during a Tory government, so Boris has to make them happen, at any cost.

    As the current government have said there will be no additional funding over the current estimate, it means the council tax and congestion charge payers of London have to make up the shortfall.

    Only in Britain can we turn something as world-class as the Olympics from a benefit to a curse.


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