Friday, 27 November 2009

Climategate on Question Time

I've just listened to the question about Climategate on BBC's Question Time last night. It appears the public at large is brainwashed, going by the way they applauded the points made in favour of man made global warming.

Its typical that the Politicians will say that man made global warming exists as it gives them a chance to extort more money from the public's pockets.

Its also interesting to note that their story has changed to reflect Climategate: the scence is not "settled" and never will be, depite us being told for years that the science was settled and we must do something about it. So they'll carry on as normal demanding taxes and spending our money even though there is no hard evidence that the process is man made and not a natural global cycle.

If the science isn't settled as they say, then we shouldn't be committing billions of pounds of taxpayer's money to the cause.


  1. It was scary when the woman claimed the Cumbria floods as proof and how they howled down the guy that made sane points about worse floods a hundred years or so ago.


  2. The scary woman was my face-palm moment. Where the hell is the link? We have a bit of inclement weather and its global warmiing. Its too hot: its global warming. Its too wet: its global warming. Its too cold, then some idiot will state it as absolute fact its down to global warming.

    Despit ethe fact that in my own lifetime I've seen snow in June, I was born just before one of the coldest winters on record. I've seen drought in the UK.

    Its like the collective conciousness of the population has altzheimers: they instantly forget what they see and experience and only believe what the media tells them to believe.


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