Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Vote for anyone but a political party.

I'm now convinced that at the next election, there is no party that I would readily give my vote to.

Labour's record over the past 12 years stands on its own merit as one of the most disasterous periods in the UKs history, setting up a miserable legacy that will spread into the future for decades.

The Lib-Dems have no answer and no backbone either. They haven't yet delivered a credible national policy.

Now to the Conservatives and all you can say for them is they look shiny and new, but the policies they espouse don't fill me with any sort of will to vote for them, more a wishy-washy apathy owards them, which really defines their policies: wishy-washy. No confidence, no drive, nothing at all that will carry the nation with them in order to sort this country out.

The minor parties: well, they don't count, unless they form some extreme anti-everyone-already-in-Parliament alliance.

Maybe this is the legacy of the EU, that subconciously we know that our Parliament is irrelevant; that the majority of our laws are determined from abroad and that our political and judicial overlords don't sit in Westminster, but Brussels and Strasbourg.

The time really has come to cast a century of conditioning aside and avoid party politics altogether by voting for totally independant MPs. If you want to vote for an independant but still cling sheep-like to herd mentality, then vote for your local Jury Team candidate if you have one. But please, for the Love of God, avoid voting for the party political machines that only have the interests of big business and financial corporations at heart.


  1. That's a double edged sword Delphius.If you vote for one of the smaller parties then you can be allowing the bigger ones more of a chance.

    I'm not too sure about some Jury Team candidates. The one for the Glasgow by-election for example. True he was regarded as a hero but that doesn't make him a suitable MP. I'd much prefer someone with a wider experience of life rather than a celeb.

    Am I being too cynical?

  2. True, you might open the door for the big parties anyway, but the number of people that actually vote is significantly smaller than those that don't. If the non-voters could get off their arse and vote for an independant MP as a "non-of-the-above" candidate, there's always a chance the independant could win.

    I only mentioned Jury Team as a panacea for those people unable to vote for a truly independant candidate. At least with Jury Team you can kid yourself you're voting for an alternative party.

    As for them employing celebs and other people that have been in the limelight, I can only say I hope its just an initial phase to establish the Jury Team brand and at some point very soon they will chose more worthy candidates to back.

    No, you're not being cynical, but such is the way of the world that they need some high profile candidates to raise public awareness of them. Otherwise no one would ever know they exist. I agree that it would be better to have a candidate backed for their policies rather than their profile.


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