Monday, 5 October 2009

Nu Labour do the Unthinkable

So, Alastair Darling has done the unthinkable for Nu Labour and will announce a public sector pay freeze.

But only for senior public sector and civil service officials, so not quite the comprehensive public sector savings needed, but its a start.


  1. Don't be like that , I've got an interview for working for the DWP on Saturday, I don't want a pay cut before I even start.

    (Yes I am reduced to appying for jobs at The Beast. They seem to be the only ones that will at least give me an interview)

  2. Good luck in the interview.

    At least you won't be earning at a level targetted. Well at least by Labour. Not sure how you'll fare under the Cameroids.

    But a job is a job is a job. Beats dodging bailiffs.


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