Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Google Wave

Interesting app from Google in the works. Google Wave can work seemlessly as email, IM, blog feed, document colaboration tool and it seems quite a bit more.

Its from the team that brought us Google Maps. Maps has been a global hit, especially the APIs that allow you to integrate maps into your own websites. Its become commonplace to see Google Maps embedded in a website for directions, as well as businesses searched for via google to have a map produced showing their location.

The same goes for Wave: its been designed to be open source and there are a host of open APIs for developers to exploit. It'll be interesting if it captures the imagination of the public.

Google Wave may just give online publishing a big kick when it eventually arrives.


  1. Personally, I use Showdocument for online teaching and web conferencing. I'm not saying these programs aren't good,
    But I think a web-based application is always better, since there's nothing to download or install.
    try it at . -andy

  2. Thats the stunning thing about Wave: its a web application, running in the browser. It does look as slick as yahoo and MSN messengers, but offers much more functionality. All Wave needs (if it doesn't already have it)is webcam and audio participation, then it'll have the lot.

    I note Google is becoming a pretty big player. They announced a sat-nav app for android phones this week and shares of Garmin and TomTom plunger over 10 percent.

    If I was in the IM business, I'd be looking for some killer app to introduce, or another job.


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