Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Al Megrahi: Where will it end?

So, the Al Megrahi affair stinks worse than a fortnight old wheelie bin waiting to be emptied.

The cabinet are pretty openly at war with each other, although the MSM seem to be blind to it.

There's proof that Al Megrahi's release was linked to deals for oil, although the actual words in the letters skirt around it without mentioning it directly (A usual Labour tactic, they love to argue semantics about meaning and emphasis), but everyone has read the letters and has formed the opinion that the deal existed in essence if not hard evidence.

If any one of the fuckers in the cabinet gets a job anywhere near an oil company after the lose the next election, they should be fucking strung up and their assets siezed.

Being in Government is about working to make the nation better, not doing dodgy deals to feather your own fucking nest. You listening to me Mandelson? Or have you bet blinky a fiver on how far you cn push the public before they take action to stop you all?

It really does look as though the Nu Labour crew are into the endgame of government now: intent on doing deals with anyone, just so they can fund a happy and prosperous retirement. Fuck the Scottish, who have to take the lions share of blame, fuck the Americans, our biggest ally who are pretty pissed off about this, fuck those in the UK who have had their pensions schemes raided every year Labour have been in power.

In fact it seems their message is fuck everyone, we can do what the fuck we like.

Isn't it about time the British public rose up and told them no they fucking can't?

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