Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm Thinking of Writing a Thriller Novel...

Yes I am.

The jist of the story revolves around the infiltration of communists into our universities in the 1930s. The era of Philby and Blunt.

The premise is that the soviet secret service headed by Beria wanted to own the whole of Europe and hatched a plan. They would infiltrate all the universities of europe and indoctrinate those willing to follow the cause. Some would become spies and eventually would be exposed, but others would stay hidden and have been plotting ever since. They would become the policy-makers and power-brokers of their age, they would return to acedemia to indoctrinate a never-ending batch of socialist sympathisers. So, by way of explaination and because every good fictional story has an element of truth about it, I'm going to tie together several real-life events that happened over the last 60 years.

We had soviet spies in every department of government from the second world war onwards.

An overt part of the masterplan would be the takeover of the Eastern Bloc countries and the formation of the iron curtain.

The details of anything of technological merit we produced seemed to end up in Soviet hands, for instance the plans of Concorde. Well, supposedly doctored plans, but those plans and the Tu-144 built from it were based of early Concorde designs. Who's to say the Russians got the plans early and started to build the thing and it was just too late to change the design?

We even sold jet engines to Russia in the forties when they were of strateigic advantage to us. How bad a decision that was became obvious during the Korean war, when Mig-15s, fitted with soviet engineered versions of our jet engines proved an immense leap forward from what the soviets had previously.

We even stopped building some of the most technologically advanced aircraft because the government said so, for no good reason. We also cancelled our space projects just before space became profitable and of strateigic importance.

Another part of the plot will involve socialism and socialist policies contributing to the decline of this once great country and its empire. I've said before, that you have a bunch of socialists promoting (say) wind power, then another bunch of socialists opposing it, using up valuable time and resources for asically causing the country to crawl to a halt. In the novel, this will be no coincidence.

The same applies for mainland Europe. Soviet infiltration of major European countries leads to the installation of the EU and eventual corruption of EU philosophy, along with the accession of the Eastern Bloc countries into the EU.

Time and time again, we see close links to the left involved in some of the more ludicrous government policies. Senior members of the current government started their political lives in Marxist organisations.

For the slant of the novel, probably the climax, the hero (well, there has to be a hero) or heroes, have to go head-to-head with the government and all its technology in order to stop the country from slipping into a totalitarian stalinist regime.

What I'm missing from my story is a happy ending....

There probably won't be one in the first novel. It'll probably end with the totatlitarian regime established and the secret group having to go underground and recruit in ultra-secrecy a new cadre of members, just in time for the sequel...


  1. I love political thrillers, so go for it Del. Remember to tell me when it's finished.

  2. Well, it looks as though the first novel is almost complete.

    I've decided its going to be an interactive novel: you actually live through it.

    But seriously, the more you delve, the more interesting and curious it gets. Left-wing influences seem to have had a dispropportionate influence on society and government policy.


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