Monday, 15 June 2009

Totally Bloody Pointless: The Anti-Stab Knife.

Someone has spent far too much time locked in a dark room and has designed the anti-stab knife. It is supposed to reduce the amount of knife crime.

To me its totally bloody pointless. A knife is a knife is a knife. Any sharp implement can inflict fatal wounds, whether its an anti-stab (but not anti-throat-slashing) knife, a broken bottle, a tin can, or (going way back in history) a piece of sharp flint.

Even a few hours rubbing the anti-stab knife against a stone will make it into a full-on stabable knife. So what really, is the point of it?

Far better to educate the people that want to use knives to harm people. Those that chose to use a knife to harm a person need to be put in jail and that jail should be so much worse that their current living conditions.

The problem is, jail tends to be a better, or not much worse option. It is no deterrent.

However much the politicians rant on about knife crime, they completely miss the point: The system and the culture we have at the moment has created a huge underclass of young adults, who see life as cheap, where their life and by extension the lives of others have no worth.
Successive governments have failed to tackle the problem, because knife crime is a symptom, not the disease.

Until Government grasps that concept and deals with it, things like the anti-stab knife and laws prohibiting the carrying of knives will continue to fail to solve the problem.

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