Monday, 11 May 2009

Sack Michael Martin

I just watched the statement in the house of commons on MPs allowances by the Speaker, Michael Martin. I was appalled at the way he conducted himself. He just isn't up to the job.

He was very cagy during his statement, and put more emphasis on the wrongdoing of the whistleblower, rather than MPs themselves.

Then later on you could see him getting angry and made snide remarks about Kate Hoey and another guy and their comments on the matter in the media as they debated the statement.

This whole affair really has the majority of MPs rattled and speaker Martin most rattled of all. His office is the one that approves MPs allowances and it's him that has the most to lose. By no means is he squeaky clean either, after having several foreign trips along with his wife, at taxpayer's expense.

We need an election NOW! Lets clear the decks and those MPs that deserve to stay, should stay. Those that have proved not worthy should be deselected by their local party and someone else put in their place. Otherwise we will not vote for them. Simple as that.

Its about time we all put more pressure on the thieving scum in Parliament. In my previous blog, theres a petition at number 10 requesting an immediate election. The blogosphere needs to act, as it did with the Dan Hannan video in promoting this petition and get it signed. Lets get hundreds of thousands of signatures on there. Lets turn the screw of the rack of these self-serving parasites. Even if they refuse to give us an election, we can have fun watching them squirm...

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