Sunday, 15 March 2009

Nanny State knows Best.

Now we have the government doing what a Labour government has always done: Meddle in our lives. This time its to stop us drinking more alcohol.

Its in their blood. The poor misguided public can't help themselves, so the state will step in and save us instead. Utter bollocks.

Gordon, stop missing the point. Deal with the drunken, loutish behaviour of the minority. Stop giving them slaps on the wrist, get tough, get serious. But don't punish the rest of us for the misdeeds of a tiny few people that mess themselves up. I'm a grown man, I don't drink to excess, I am responsible. Let me live my life unemcumbered with beaurocratic manure.

Of course the overriding thing is money. I assume that the price of alcohol will be fixed by increasing taxation. Kerrching! More money to fritter away in frivolities.

Like sending millions in aid to Gaza, or another couple of million to Tanzania via the red nose appeal. Stop sending money abroad Gordon. Instead, put the money into social services to benefit OUR abused and impoverished kids eh?

In fact Gordon, stop. For everyones sake, just... stop.

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