Thursday, 26 March 2009

Guido Vs Draper on the Daily Politics

I've just finished watching the Guido vs Draper battle on the Daily Politics show.

All I can say there is that it would have been more interesting had Draper shut his gob more and let the pair of them have reasoned debate. Instead it turned into a "Draper shouts over the top of anyone that disagrees with him" fest. Hardly a glowing advertisement for Draper to the rest of the blogging public that were eagerly watching the show.

Guido sounded nervous and I guess felt a little hamstrung by what the BBC refused to let him discuss.

So in the end, on the day, on the show, I'd call it a draw, as neither side got a substantial point across.

However, my sense of fair play and justice says to side with the guy that allows free speech and doesn't shout over the top of people.

So Guido wins on a technicality.

To be honest, my personal opinion is that Draper comes across as an obnoxious, self-interested, arrogant, antagonistic jerk. The sort of person that really doesn't belong anywhere near politics, but those in charge seem to employ more and more in order to bully people opposed to them into submission.

If you want proof of how this tactic is used in politics, just go to labourlist and have a look here and see their comprehensive character assasination attempt of Guido.

Its nasty, disgusting negative mud-slinging politics of the worst kind.

But, quid pro quo, I expect to see what other skeletons Draper has in his closet.

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