Thursday, 26 February 2009

Boom & Bust

Over the past 6 months or so, many reporters have tried to get Gordon Brown to admit he was wrong when he said no more boom and bust. The poor delusional sod still thinks we're the best placed nation to ride out the coming tsunami and that the problems we're seeing now aren't really the precursors to to a hellishly bumpy ride, just like the water draining from a beach just before the big one hits.

All through his chancellorship and his stint as PM, he maintained that the good times were down to his stewardship of finances, yet the disaster we see today is supposedly down to influences from abroad, i.e. America.

To be honest, the boom times were nothing to do with Gordo being at the helm. He just rode the wave, caught a free ride in to the beach. Now the wave is 30ft high, about to crash onto the shore and sweep everything away. Does it look at all precarious from up there on the crest Gordon? Hope you have a lifejacket. Wipeout can hurt like a bitch.

As for everyone else, I advise you get off the beach sharpish and go find somewhere safe. In financial terms, thats getting the hell out of anything that isn't linked to gold. In fact, just buy gold and stash it somewhere you can lay your hands on it. Don't trust a piece of paper telling you you own some.

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