Monday, 12 September 2016

I, Deplorable

I rarely comment on U.S. politics. But the latest comments by Hilary Clinton resonate over this side of the pond too.

Her latest statements decrying half of Trump supporters as a "basket of Deplorables" shows utter contempt for the very people that may or may not vote her into office.

It's a clear example of the disconnect between the political elite and the public and their contempt for us.

It's the same as Emily Thornberry's comments about white van men, or Gordon Brown's "Bigoted Woman" comments.

It's why the leave campaign won the referendum. The public saw the EU as a totally political project, with politician's using it as a gravy train, earning millions in the European commision. "Jobs for the lads (or lasses)", a layer of plutocrats earning six figure salaries, lording it over the citizens of Europe unelected, unaccountable and unfettered.

The British public rightly declared this unacceptable.

It's okay to be an unelected person in charge of minor issues like trade, as in the Common Market of old, but once the same entity starts to dabble in lawmaking, taxation and politics, then the British people demand accountability. With no accountability written into any of the treaties forced upon us by the political elite, we decide to rightly call an end to it.

That disconnect, that "we know best" attitude, the setting themselves above the masses, is THE biggest indicator that they are setting themselves up for a fall. Because once the masses wake up and realise this they will give the elite a bloody nose.

I'm not sure that Trump is the true non-establishment figure he purports to be, I mean, he is part of the moneyed elite if he isn't part of the political elite. But if he successfully channels the anti-establishment feeling in politics in America he will win.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

UK Political Elite Coup Bubbles along Niocely.

Those readers that might have wondered whether I'd been wearing a hat made of finest baking foil when I made my last post.

Bu I stand by my point that because of Brexit, the controlling Elite (those that pay the bills for the political parties) are trying to stitch up British politics so that Brexit doesn't happen, or it will be so watered down that it will be catastrophic for the UK and we'll end up crawling back to the EU chastened and cowed.

The swift resignation of David Cameron after letting his big finance buddies down, led to the coronation without contest of Theresa May (a Remainer). Not sure who nobbled Boris's aspirations, but he got put in the most embarrassing position for someone that has railed against foreigners: The Foreign Office.

Dismal David Davies has been put in charge of Brexit and not a Dicky Bird has been heard from either office since. I hope the lack of information is due to the time needed to get everything re-aligned between the Foreign, Trade and Brexit offices. But.....

Now to Labour. After Brexit, a coup was staged and those best budds of the monied elite tried to force Jeremy Corbyn out. Fair play, Corbyn utilised his most dangerous trait (as I've iterated before) and ignored everyone, stuck to his principles and stayed put. Handy in the context of resisting the elite, not such a good trait if he resists deploying the nuclear option if Russia had a pop at us.

Owen Smith is the declared opponent to Corbyn, but Labour as a party are resisting the Putsch, recently adding another hard-line lefty to the Labour NEC. I don't really know where the Labour story will end, but I just wonder if the money men will view the new radical Labour with the same sympathy as a rabid dog and put it down. I really foresee the split of the moderate and maniacal wings of Labour with the moderates walking away to form a new Democratic Socialist Party (no relation to any similar monikered political parties that have existed previously). I assume this moderate socialist group won't ally with the Liberals, but will stand apart. Well if it has any sense it will.

Now to UKIP, the true 3rd party in the eyes of the public. (No-one mentions the Liberals these days even if they have more MPs in Parliament).

What the hell is happening in there? Farage's favourite candidate gets booted out of the leadership contests by slight of hand and some people preferred by candidates from previous parties are put forward. None of whom we've ever heard of. Mainly down to the cult of Farage, but really UKIP could do so much better. Hopefully the UKIP rank and file will elect someone with a decent profile and who will hold the government to account over Brexit. Because someone needs to while Labour implodes.

But it's unprecedented in politics that so many leaders resign and so many problems arise in so many parties.

Which is why we have to be wary against the stitch-up. If the political parties are aligning (or being aligned against their will) to weaken or even reverse Brexit, us, the public need to be on point, on guard and watching what happens over the next few months.

Sadly it seems that the way things are aligning, the Tories will deliberately botch things, UKIP will be weakened and unable to mount a controlling influence and the only true opposition will be a bunch of rabid socialists that no-one will ever consider voting for, thereby eliminating that threat to the destruction of the Brexit ideal.

Because our only voice is the ballot box and that's effectively silenced if the only true opposition is unelectable.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Leadsom out, May to be Coronated: Political Elite Coup Progresses

The Political Elite really were shocked about the Brexit vote. So scared are they at having lost the war, they are now in the process of fixing the peace.

Straight away the Conservative side caved and David Cameron resigned, having let his chums who hold the real power down by losing the referendum.

Boris was knifed so that a capable and principled politician wouldn't be able to manage the article 50 negotiations.

Now Leadsom has been put under extreme pressure from the media and personally to allow a Coronation of Theresa May, a Remainer with a pretty shit track record in office doing anything, but a pretty good record of covering her arse and making distracting speeches..

On the Labour side, as the Brexit vote came in, the shadow cabinet must have been told by the same people pulling the strings on the Tory side to stick the knife into Jeremy Corbyn. So they all resigned in an attempt to topple him from power.

Now, I don't like Jeremy Corbyn, I think he's a Trot and a Far-Left leftie of the worst kind, the kind that couldn't organise a student piss up of any merit back when they were young and now would fuck up royally while in office. But I respect he was voted into office by Labour Party members.

Also, I've started to see where he's coming from in attempting to stand firm against the Elite. It's the first time I've seen it in a very long time and it's shown the political coup for what it is: an attempt to take over and usurp the democratic will of the British people.

Even Nigel Farage, possibly the only person with the profile to keep Brexit negotiations honest and on-track to deliver the will of the people has resigned, which seems to be a measure of the pressure being put on political parties and their leaders by their big financial backers, the Elite.

Never before has this happened in British politics, it's unprecedented that so many leaders of so many parties have resigned at the same time, whilst at the same time those that champion the people and put the public first are plotted against.

Yet nothing is said by the media. Which is strange given that it's a BIG story. So, why would they not want you to notice this? Because if you did take notice, like you did with mass immigration forcing labour costs down, you might demand change.

With the biggest political drivers for change out of the picture, what exactly do you think is going to happen?

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Question for All UK Police and Armed Forces.

I've said before I see trends others don't see. I see a trend now evolving in the Political classes and I don't like it. I see moves afoot to deny the will of the 17 million people that voted to exit the EU. You can square it any way you like: "the majority of the population didn't vote for Brexit", "People voted Brexit but won't now", "We don't need/want to leave at the moment", "It's not legal to exit unless Parliament vote on  it", or any one of the other excuses.

This is a question to all of those serving in the Police and Armed Forces:

Would you be prepared to disobey your senior ranks to support the democratic will of the people, or will you side with the Politicians and the Bureaucrats against the population?

I ask, because I see the democratic will of the people being undermined by the political class. I see movements being made in grand theatre, to disobey the will of the people.

Under those circumstances, the people will be forced to have their say in a most physical way. Now what would our soldiers and Police do under those circumstances? In the event of mass protest, of deliberate disobedience, would our forces enforce the will of the political class, or will they have the moral conscience to stand aside and support the public?

When the Berlin Wall came down, the Police eventually conceded that the majority of the population wanted democratic freedom and stood aside. The Armed forces did the same, mainly because the majority of them felt the same as the people protesting.

Before it gets to that stage, think about it deeply, search your conscience and decide now. Because when things begin to move, you might not have the time to think deeply and understand what is at stake.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

BBC Brexit Bias Reaches the Point of Nausea.

Since the referendum vote, the BBC has pushed an anti-Brexit bias onto all it's news outlets. I'm not the only one to have noticed this:

On the Friday morning of the results, the result hadn't been declared but the result was clear and already the BBC output was reporting the "catastrophic" fall of the pound as confirmation that all that had voted for Brexit were idiots and were going to cause doom, murder and mayhem across the land.

Since then Brexiters have faced a barrage of BBC news journalists trying to force an agenda that first the Brexit camp lied and look.... you said things would be rosy but the pound and FTSE has fallen, hate crimes reported by the BBC have increased dramatically (because BBC news is run as a drama department these days) and basically were pushed, prodded, cajoled and talked over in the most indecent way in order to make them the enemy in the BBC's eyes.

So much for being impartial.

Not only the BBC, CNN had a pop at Daniel Hannan and he didn't like it so fought back:

Especially as the pound climbed back up as we all knew it would, the BBC grudgingly reported it had actually climbed back up "but was expected to fall again quite soon" according to no-one but the BBC.

The FTSE is still climbing and things have moved on. The leadership contests seem not to be bothering the BBC much, mainly because Theresa May (a Remainer) is the bookies favourite to get the Tory leadership job and Jeremy Corbyn is being hailed as a martyr despite a large number of his key labour strongholds telling him they didn't want to remain.

My blood boiled over today when the BBC News took to over-egging the numbers attending the Remain (sore losers) protest in London today, then interviewing two women that basically said that democracy didn't count, some people were shocked at the economic turmoil after the leave vote and basically they were lied to and please could we just forget the whole thing and vote again so remain would be the winning side. The BBC reporter reported there were about forty thousand people there "and possibly several thousand more"... In the cold light of day and as the pictures didn't reflect the wildly exaggerated numbers the BBC reporting has downgraded its numbers to "several thousand" but of course adding "There is no official turn-out figure for this protest" so essentially the BBC made up the original figure it reported.

All of this London-centric Pro-Remain talk just riles the Remainers up even more, because they think everyone thinks like they do and that it's a stitch-up and they are convinced that actually remain won. This is exactly the sort of sentiment that made thousands of leave campaigners take pens into voting booths to make sure that their pencilled crosses couldn't be erased and swapped for a remain vote. They knew it would be a difficult thing to beat the remain vote, they knew it would be tight, but they made sure their vote would be counted. Unlike Remainers who thought the vote would be in the bag and decided not to vote and now complain like bitter children.

Well tough, the point is if you want to make your side of the argument win, you get off your arse and vote for them, especially in such a crucial once-in-a-lifetime vote as in the referendum. There is no re-vote, there is no chance of having another vote in 5 years time. Everyone said it would be a one-shot deal and it was.

I blame schools and their "everybody wins" mentality. Newsflash: in the real world, not everyone does. Some people are losers and so far the whinging seems to come from those parts of society that are unused to losing. Funnily enough, they seem to be the same sort of people that vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Vote leave got the most votes. Now suck it up England, and stand by this triumph for democracy. Some of the people may have voted Leave for unsavoury reasons, but that doesn't tar the rest of us with the same brush. Some of us more educated people knew there would be a wobble on the stock market, but we calculated it would rebound and still voted to Leave, some of us quite like immigrants, but we consider adding 330,000 people a year to our population too much. We're not racists, we just take a pragmatic view that in order to plan ahead, a government needs FULL control of things like immigration, otherwise they are chasing their tails all the time when it comes to funding public services. Some of us knew £350 million wouldn't be put directly into the NHS, we had done our homework and knew it would be a lot less, but we still voted Leave because we wanted OUR government to have control of how that money was spent.

I hope that the BBC anti-Brexit bias starts to die down over the next week. But I have my doubts.
We need a big news story to take their minds off it, something they can throw dozens of reporters at and turn into some 24-hour rolling drama.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

EU Stitch Up

Here we go, already the prime Leave campaigner, Boris Johnson has pulled out of the Conservative leadership  contest.

That leaves Theresa May as the front runner. She of the remain campaign, she that refuses to listen to the will of the people, she with no leadership qualities, she that will lose the Conservative Party the next election.

Let me be quite clear, she is no Margaret Thatcher. She does not have the sort of qualities that can resolve the fractures in her own party, let alone the country.

The Conservative parliamentary Party have made a catastrophic error of judgement with this. Whether the Conservative grass roots are going to be as vocal about this stitch-up as the labour party activists, who knows, but it's this complete rejection of the will of the people that put MPs in Parliament that hopefully will do for the parties in power.

It really now rests with UKIP to pick up the ball and run with the meme that both Labour and Conservative parties are split between those MPs that want to follow the will of their grass roots supporters or those that want to follow the bidding of their masters in the elite.

It's an idea that could gain a lot of traction and grab disenchanted voters from both the right and the left.

Something is happening in UK politics, the people have spoken and the Elite don't like it and are trying their best to keep the lid on it.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Political Brainstorm in progress.

It looks like the EU referendum has triggered a sort of mental breakdown of the political class in the UK.

David Cameron resigned and for some reason, the Tory party are trying to plot against the Boris Johnson juggernaut. That's despite him being the prime Leave candidate, the highest profile figure they have and a sure-fire figure to take things forward, get a decent negotiating team and sort out the mess. I'd wager he'd have the humility to invite Labour Leave campaigners on the negotiating team as well, to avoid the calls of a stitch-up from the left.

In the meantime the Labour party has imploded yet again, with all the shadow cabinet resigning. So loyal.

I'm not sure why, they seem to be planning for a general election where they think they will get elected so they can do all the negotiating. Not sure how that works, given they were in the losing side in the referendum and their heartlands in the North comprehensively stuck two fingers up to what the Labour political elite were telling them to vote.

Then we get the Liberals, that have come up with a spiffing idea to make themselves even more unelectable by promising to go back into the EU. Now given that 52% of the biggest turnout of any vote in history (72%) voted to Leave the EU, I'm not sure how that's an electable strategy.

In fact ignoring the referendum result seems to be a common meme across a number of MPs that don't get how democracy works. Not only Tim Farron, leader of the Lib Dems, but David Lammy was another tweeting that Parliament should reverse the "non-binding" referendum, because some people are regretting vote leave.  But I can understand Mr Lammy's words, because his ward voted to remain, like most of London. But tough shit Lammy, we voted to leave so suck it up and exercise the will of the Majority.

It really is intriguing to watch this implosion of UK politics. Our politicians can't really handle the situation where the majority of the public have rejected their agenda. They have been deluding themselves for so long they have gone into meltdown.

I've been saying it for so long, it's nice to be vindicated. Another question is how politicians that are so out of touch with the will of the people have been able to stay in power for so long? The answer is they've been reliant on low turnouts. Elections are decided on turnouts around 60%. Which means that only 30% of the country voted for the party in power. This makes it very easy for parties with policies that the majority don't want to vote on win elections.

In the meantime, Corbyn is doing that most Socialist of things and sacking people he doesn't like while the others have resigned. I can't think of a situation where 90% of the ministers have resigned and a Party leader hasn't taken the hint.

What he doesn't realise is he may have had a mandate to lead from Labour party activists, but the majority of ordinary people have overwhelmingly rejected him. I'd hate to be him if it ever sinks in that he's so out of touch with the ordinary working man. It'll crush the deluded old codger.

But that's what you get when you live in a bubble of activists and not in the real world, like most politicians.

Bless 'em, they need to get out more....