Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Bow Down to Your Saudi Masters, they can do no Wrong.

The Khashoggi affair has highlighted in the most illuminated way possible that the West is utterly powerless against the Gulf States.

By now most people will know that Turkey have accused Suadi Arabia of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi when he visited the Saudi embassy in Turkey.

The details are a bit strange, with reports of covert recordings via an iWatch that recorded his incarceration, torture and eventual murder in the embassy, but what is definately proven is that Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi embassy in Turkey two weeks ago and hasn't been seen since.

It's a pretty serious accusation, so it would be interesting to know for sure what proof the Turkish authorities have regarding his murder.

However, as per the title of this post, the salient point is the lack of action against Saudi Arabia and the reasosn why.

Donald Trump really spoke the truth when he asked why would he jepardise the relationship and the multi-billion dollar arms sales to Saudi over the death of one guy?

The hidden agenda is America, like all other Western countries have been bought and paid for by Gulf State oil money. The UK's ports are owned by and all the Western Stock exchanges float on a sea of Arab oil money and there are a host of other vital industries like BAE, Boeing and Airbus that rely on Gulf State money to buy their products. Just look at how much money Emirates Airline has invested in their Airbus A380 fleet...

You cannot criticise the Gulf States or their extremist ideology any more without suffering significant harm to your economy. Slag off Saudi? There'll be no more oil exports to you then... Implement legislation to turn off the financial taps to Safalist Mosques? That'll be the FTSE 100 tanking then.

That is the honest debate that Western governments need to have with their citizens. Do we roll over and allow the Wahabi/Salafist religious, financial and political onslaught to continue against the West, or do we stand up to it and suffer the consequences?

In a way it's essentially the same conversation that was had about Brexit. Do we stand up and regain our sovereignty or do we roll over and submit?.....


Please read the Wikipedia entry about the TV programme "Death of a Princess" that was shown in 1980. In particular pay attention to the fallout after that programme was shown. Also pay attention to the fact that countries whose TV stations bought the rights to show decided in the end not to show it in case it endangered their relationship with Saudi Arabia. That's just a TV show, which was effectively censored from being shown in parts of the West.

That's the amount of influence the Gulf States had back in 1980. Several decades and billions more dollars in trade, arms deals, investments in property and companies and just extrapolate the amount of influence they have now.

M.I.6 Former Head Sir Richard Dearlove Speaks Sense.

This is one of the best and most measured interviews of someone linked to government I've seen in a long time.

Some interesting points. He aligns with my views on Brexit and everything else in this interview, which is no surprise. Free from the shackles of government and I presume happily retired and independent financially he is free to speak sense rather than any government line.

He was pretty critical of the government line when it came to the dodgy dossier regarding Iraq and has always talked sense in my book.

There's nothing more to say really.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

American Internal security on the Move.

Lately I've been reading interesting reports from over in America. The Trumpites seem to think that the FBI is on manoeuvres to "drain the swamp" and incarcerate those in the elite that are working against American freedoms and the little man.

My take on it is somewhat less delusional. I think it's pointed at espionage both industrial, economic and political.

For instance there are reports of 5000 sealed indictments a month being bandied about in the "drain the swamp" circles. Te conspiracists maintain this is a growing list of elite actors that conspire with foreign powers to subvert the power of the USA.

I personally think that the indictments are a list of domestic and foreign personnel that are working to bleed America of it's technolgical, industrial and military supremacy. For decades China for instance has been syphoning industrial and military information away from US companies for decades. The latest batch of high-tech aircraft are one example, spearheaded by the latest revelation of the Hong-20 stealth bomber, purported to be a rip-off of the B-2 stealth bomber.

The case of Su Bin, a Chinese spy in Canada who was caught by the FBI identifying targets for Chinese state hackers and then validating information found by them is a classic instance of what I'm talking about where I think the FBI are going with these thousands of indictments.

One of the main failings of Western governments is dealing with people within their borders who act privately and publicly against the very countries they live in.

Whether it's Chinese industrial espionage, people traffiking, drug importation or Muslim Jihadis, all are acting against the countries they live in.

America has subtly changed the legal rules regarding those people so they can be tried in military rather than civillian courts. The swamp drainers think that means a French Revolution purging of the elites, but I think it's aimed at these foreign actors.

The recent closing of the Sunspot Solar Observatory is most likely related to this wide-ranging and on-going investigation. Its position oversees the White Sands missile testing range and it would be quite easy for a spy to insstall some covert device there to do some serious signals intelligence and thereby find out the frequencies and waveforms that US missiles use to locate and lock onto targets. It may be that hackers used existing equipment to  do the spying. Quite handy for anyone wanting to jam such signals.

Another link in the chain are the latest revelations (currently being denied all over) that a Chinese actor planted devices in servers that allowed a back door to Chinese hackers. It's possible the report is factually inaccurate, but the substance of devices planted into everyday network products may not be far of the mark. I've always wondered at the intelligence of companies that allow their hi-tech equipment to be made in a country that will aggressively interrogate, reverse-engineer and if necessary infiltrate them.

A small and probably unknown factor is the flow of money to radical Muslim organisations via the Halal meat trade. Stemming the flow of money would cut off the money supply to extremists within and without America, as would the sequestration of the funds held by those wealthy Muslims sponsoring extremists and money coming in from Gulf states to Salafist Mosques.

Clearing out the rats nest infesting the USA and directly syphoning technology to China would be the biggest blow to the Chinese economy.

Putting an end to the flow of money to Jihadis from wealthy Muslim sympathisers in America would deal them a blow too.

Closing down people traffickers on Americas Southern border and the associated drug industry and the money they make is another step the FBI I'm sure are looking into.

The rhetoric coming out of the Trump administration points to all of this and not before time.

However, if I were a Western person living in China, the Gulf States or South America, I would be considering my options to return home.

Hopefully the Mid-Term elections will give the Trump administration the boost and the personnel in place needed to implement the end game.

Friday, 5 October 2018

End to Austerity Means More/Better Services? Don't Hold Your Breath.

It seems the single take-away point from the Conservative Party Conference for the BBC is the declaration that there will be an end to austerity.

Don't hold your breath.

Despite the "cuts", the national debt has spiralled. Controls on spending have failed to curtain the increase in the amount of debt the country as a whole has to service.

That people across the country still see reduced services means that there is something systemically wrong happening with public finances. We are taxed more than ever as a proportion of GDP, yet the debt is rising, public service wages have flatlined and services are reducing... how can that be?

The problem is the system. The system that controls spending and oversees expenditure is broken.

Take the NHS: I hate to bang on about this, but almost half the money being put into the NHS goes into settling negligence lawsuits and paying lawyers. That's half the NHS budget gone before deciding on priorities like wages and service provision.

The system allows this to happen because it fails to tackle the cause of the lawsuits. Doctors and nurses found guilty of negligence are allowed to continue to practice. It's just one of those things, human error, etc.

This systemic failure needs to be addressed. Quality control in the NHS needs to be stepped up and the bad apples rooted out. Otherwise the lawsuits will bleed the NHS dry like an infestation of ticks. When exactloy do we do something about it? When three quarters of the NHS budget goes to lawyers?

Exactly the same goes for MOD procurement. There is so much waste. Yes, I get that the military should have the best equipment going, but it can get the same capability at a far cheaper cost by being a bit savvy. First, by specifying better contracts with contractors so that the contractor takes the hit for any failures to meet specification. Second, by buying equipment already available rather than keep inventing brand new equipment every time it needs something. A little compromise can bring great savings. For instance making our new carriers suitable for cat and trap aircraft would have made them interoperable with other Navies and allowed us not to rely soley on the expensive F-35 to provide fixed-wing capability. For the 4 million (probably 8 mil by the time it had been implemented, such is the creep in costs) or so it would have cost had it been specified ofrom the outset, we could have had far greater flexibility and larger numbers of cheaper aircraft flying off their deck. As it is, we will have the humiliation of never being able to fly decent numbers of fixed-wing aircraft off the carriers.

When it comes to tax, there is lots to be done. The corporate abuse of tax havens needs to be stopped. Brexit will go some way to end that by forcing companies trading in the UK to pay tax in the UK and not in Luxembourg, Lichtenstein or Ireland.

Making tax simpler by reducing tax at source rather than collect it and pay someone to administer it being paid back is just a more intelligent way of doing things. Instead of tax credits, a universal family tax allowance will stop the tax credit job creation scheme. Abolishing the IR35 tax rule will free up investigators scrutinising endless tax returns for small discrepancies so the HMRC can jump on the self-employed. Lets free up that sector and get back the freedom, ingenuity and entrepreneurship that produced such a boom in I.T. across public and private companies back in the 90's. it will also put an end to the persecution of agency workers in the NHS, mission creep using IR35 as a tool it was not envisioned for.

In local government a cap on earnings can keep ludicrous salaries to a minimum. These are public servants and there should be no need for them to be paid six figure salaries. The person doing the job needs to be aware of their position as a servant of the people and should not take the piss by paying themselves 100 times the national average wage.

There needs to be a big push to rationalise national and local government. It's not about cuts, it's about doing things smarter, cheaper, freeer, it's about stopping practices that cost the puiblic money, it's about cutting the dead wood from the public purse.

Cutting the EU payments from the buget will be a big boost, but the impact can be magnified if we do things smarter and better.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Fake Brexiteers.

There's a big following for jacob Ress-Mogg and his pro-Brexit stance. He is very articulate and talks a good talk. The reason I haven't praised him that much in this blog and subscribed to "Mogg-mentum" is the fact he doesn't denounce Thereesa may but instead vociferously praises her.
I always had my suspicions that he was just a brexit voice in the Conservative party to placate the true Brexiteers in the country: that there was someone in the Parliamentary Conservative Party pushing "our" agenda.

The same goes for Boris Johnson: I thought he was a heavyweight Brexiteer that would help push a closer out thatn in approach to Brexit.

That was until Boris' Speech this week at the Tory party convention. To give much pro-Brexit rhetoric and then to promptly undo it by saying stick with Theresa May I find spineless and quite patronising. Either Chequers (Theresa may's own version of Brexit remember) is the way forward and everyone shuts up, or it's a load of rubbish, tantamount to treason. In which case the author (one T. May) needs to go and go quickly.

To say she's shit but stick with her is pretty poor form from both Bo-Jo and JR-M.

Fake Brexiteers the pair of them.

The only way to get a Brexit that is actually an exit from the EU seems to be a mass vote for UKIP.

Rise of the Working Class

Much has been said about the direction that UKIP is taking in relation to Islam. There is quite a vociferous minority if UKIP members that baulk at the direction Gerard batten is taking the party.

All I can say about it that I welcome the debate, an honest debate about the inability of Islam to integrate within Western society.

So many of those that baulk at the debate have not yet had to contend with iniquities of Islam. They have not seen their areas turned into Muslim enclaves, such that in that area Muslims become the majority. They have not had top put up with it because they can't afford to move. They haven't been able to see Muslim influence increase disproportionately to their minority status, locking the majority out of the political process.

This is why it's so hard to convince the moderate majority of the issues around Islam: they have yet to see it for themselves. The working class are there are the forefront. They are not bigots, or racists. They like I, welcome people into the country who integrate to our culture and value our culture and freedoms. What we don't like are people that set up a community apart from the rest, with their own laws. We have perfectly good and equitable laws here in the UK, there is no need to set yourself apart.

I'm fully behind this new direction for UKIP and welcome the debate that it throws up. Just like the debate around the EU started an open debate and scrutiny of it. Islam needs the same.

Friday, 28 September 2018


Yeah, I'm over 50 so the title could just as well relate to my waistline. I've recently had the ignominity of the wife asking if I'd join her at Slimming World.....

But I'm not referring to waistlines today.

It seems fair to say that my Blogger site gets very few views these days. I'm not sure if that's because blogger is a bit of a blogging dead end or not. All I know is that the sites I have on Blogger seem to have a pretty restricted audience and I can only look on jealously at those on other platforms getting large viewing numbers.

I've never really got on with Wordpress, but it does seem to be one of the top blogging sites, so I'm gonna have to suck it up and crack on and create content on there.

But as most people these days seem to have multiple accounts on multiple platforms, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and I've set up accounts on Wordpress  and Gab.

Let's see how things go.
I have almost 10 years worth of posting on blogger, so it's a bit sad to be thinking of abandoning ship. There's a fair bit of history in these black and orange pages.

Gab is fresh and new, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet. YouTube may be another thing I need to stake a claim on.

Do I need to do Twitter as well? hmm, maybe. I think I need a whole raft of "Delphiusdebate" accounts setting up all over the place so there's some form of consistency. 

I'm working this weekend so maybe over the next week I'll get the ducks in a row and start  creating new accounts.