Friday, 24 June 2016

UKIP: Mission Complete, Where Now For Them?

Congratulations UK, you've shaken off the shackles of Brussels, you are now in charge of your destiny.

But what now for UKIP, whose sole purpose was to extricate ourselves from Brussels?

Well I predict that you've not seen the last of Nigel Farage. The thing is, there is a democratic deficit in Westminster, by which I mean not one of the leaders of the main parties gave voice to the will of the majority of the UK. Much is being said this morning that Jeremy Corbyn would be the best leader.... how exactly?

A man that talked against the EU on the back benches but then switched allegiances when in leadership.

I predict that UKIP will now rebrand as the UK Peoples Party and start to challenge the Westminster status Quo.

We'll see.

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