Thursday, 23 June 2016

Today is D-Day.

Well, this morning on the way to work I went out and Voted.

Anyone that reads this blog will know the way I voted.

All I can say is fingers crossed for a good result today and maybe I'll be getting an early night so I can get up early in the morning and see the results first-hand.

I do think things will be close, so the results will probably go all the way to the wire. It will be interesting how close it is and if any recounts slow down the reporting process.

What a dilemma: do I stay up for the first batch of results to come in around midnight/1am or do I go to be before the first delcarations and watch the end of it.....

Whatever the outcome, the events of the next few days will be very interesting from a political point of view. I also know that I voted in good conscience the way I believe we should all vote, the way that will be good for the UK and ultimately the EU.

If it is as close as the polls say, then get out and vote, every one counts.

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