Thursday, 30 June 2016

EU Stitch Up

Here we go, already the prime Leave campaigner, Boris Johnson has pulled out of the Conservative leadership  contest.

That leaves Theresa May as the front runner. She of the remain campaign, she that refuses to listen to the will of the people, she with no leadership qualities, she that will lose the Conservative Party the next election.

Let me be quite clear, she is no Margaret Thatcher. She does not have the sort of qualities that can resolve the fractures in her own party, let alone the country.

The Conservative parliamentary Party have made a catastrophic error of judgement with this. Whether the Conservative grass roots are going to be as vocal about this stitch-up as the labour party activists, who knows, but it's this complete rejection of the will of the people that put MPs in Parliament that hopefully will do for the parties in power.

It really now rests with UKIP to pick up the ball and run with the meme that both Labour and Conservative parties are split between those MPs that want to follow the will of their grass roots supporters or those that want to follow the bidding of their masters in the elite.

It's an idea that could gain a lot of traction and grab disenchanted voters from both the right and the left.

Something is happening in UK politics, the people have spoken and the Elite don't like it and are trying their best to keep the lid on it.

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