Monday, 13 June 2016

EU Remain Threats Reach the er, Threatosphere (i'm Tm'ing that right now..)

So it seems the remain camp have threatened everything from the economy having a bit of a wobble to full blown World War Three.

Today's threat is if we leave the EU then it will cease to exist. What they really mean is the EU political project will cease to exist, with it's end game of a United States of Europe Superpower and full economic and political integration.

If that's what they are threatening will happen, then bring it on. The EU needs to reboot itself and draw back from political integration. If the UK withdrawing from full integration starts a cascade of other states wanting the same, then that's the democratic right of the population of those states. If they want the same as us and want an in-out referendum in their countries, so be it. Let democracy have a say.

Then we might get back to a more human, more individual and democratic Europe.

And two fingers up to the technocrats that think they know best and want to take the project further than anyone in the EU wants. Except the Eastern Europeans: they're used to undemocratic leadership....

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