Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Last Chance Saloon for Freedom of Speech.

Make no mistake, yesterdays "deal" between the parties to regulate press freedom is the last chance we have of keeping any semblance of free speech.

I bit melodramatic? I don't think so, because the press are the only people with the money and the power to resist political interference. If they don't grow a set in the coming weeks and tell the political elite to do one, then the next tier of free speech they'll come after is us, the bloggers. Primarily Guido, but anyone else who has the connections to get information they don't want released and the ability to post it up in a public space.

So, here's a challenge to the currently "free" press: You have a job to do, are you going to to the easy thing and capitulate, or are you going to tell the political scumbags to fuck off?

Excepting the Guardian from the argument, who are as bad as the French for surrendering.

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