Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Saville: An Agenda Being Pushed?

I said in my earlier post that I believed that the net result of the Saville debacle would be sweet fanny adams.

Quite a while later and with the ability to review the life of the media frenzy and the subsequent reaction, I'm not so sure the result will be nothing.

I'm more and more forming the opinion as I noted posting comments on Anna's blog that the result will be more legislation. What form that legislation will take is hard to say at the moment except it will possibly involve state control of children, as underage sex or the abuse of power by those charged with looking after children seems to be the main focus of the agenda at the moment. The side issue (which is pushed by the media as the main issue) is that of the BBC itself, with people taking the opportunity as always to bash the corporation.

Of course such an emotive subject as underage sexual assault is ideal to pass legislation that wouldn't normally be passed, as to speak out against it would be to ally oneself with perverts..

Emotive subjects like this are generally used to push through legislation that severely erodes freedoms that were gained centuries ago. Habeus corpus, double jeopardy, jury trials.... a substantial amount of law that protects the citizen from the state has been taken away and modified or just plain cast aside.

I'm more convinced than ever that the Saville affair and the subsequent inquiries will eventually end up with some form of legislation that won't be to the benefit of the common man.