Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Rotherham Council UKIP Fostering Fiasco.

Any sane person would deride the decision of Rotherham council to remove the children from the UKIP supporting couple. My personal opinion is, whether the children were Eastern European, blue, black, or any other non-British White person, foster care by an experienced couple is a magnitude far better than being taken back into council care.

Even if the couple supported UKIP's policy to control immigration into the country, that doesn't make them racist.

Even if the children were of Eastern European origin - exactly the group of people UKIP would like to control the immigration of, UKIP's policy is to abide by all current open immigration laws, whilst stating its a loony policy and it needs changing. That's not a racist policy, just a policy that would allow more control over our own labour market.

However, there is one aspect of this story that hasn't been picked up by the media: Just how did Rotherham Council Find Out the Foster Parents Were UKIP Members?

I mean, were they tipped off? Did they go snoop on the couple's mail and see the membership info? Did the couple themselves volunteer the information?

I don't think the couple would give out the information as its not something you'd consider relevant. Nor would anyone report the couple for being UKIP members for the same reason. So what means did the council use to obtain the information on which to base their decision? Are we looking at another abuse of anti-terror laws?


Reports state it was an anonymous tip-off, but who would feel the need to report such a fact? Who, of their neighbours would assume UKIP membership is just cause to have the children removed? And especially why would the council agree with that opinion and take the children away?

Personally, I don't buy it. We now have two excuses from the council: A judge said they needed to consider the children's ethnic needs and now it was a tip off that led to the removal.

I'm reminded that under cross-examination, people caught out often change their stories.


Trawling the internet it seems Joyce Thacker is linked to other stories. In Rotherham and also Bradford where she worked before she moved to Rotherham. Interesting stuff and seems to show her calibre and competence.

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