Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Morally Wrong?

So treasury minister David Gauke thinks its morally wrong to pay tradesmen in cash does he?

Well, it was morally wrong for politicians to defraud the taxpayer on a wholesale basis over expenses, did we hear him speak out over such illegal practices? Well, I stand to be corrected, but a quick Google search says no.

So he went along with the patently illegal staus quo, didn't speak up against it and now he's trying to lecture the rest of us on morality? Time he took a running jump.

Currently there is nothing illegal or immoral about paying for services in cash, as as long as that stands then I won't feel the least bit of shame. What the person I'm paying does with that money is not my concern.

While we're on the subject, Isn't it morally wrong that the government wastes vast sums of taxpayer's money?
Isn't it morally wrong they don't make the most of the money they extort from us?

Isn't MPs voting on policies in favour of companies they then become board members of on retirement morally wrong?

Isn't MPs and Lords asking cash for questions morally wrong?

Hasn't prematurely pulling out of wars we started in Iraq and now Afghanistan leaving the population in a world of shit morally wrong?

When the government are whiter than white, get their shit together and act with the utmost propriety, then they can lecture us about what's moral or not. Until then the whole lot of them can fuck right off.

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