Monday, 7 May 2012

Crazy Idea that Dinosaurs Produced Global Warming

You know people are clutching at straws to push the warmist meme when something like this appears in the news.

Some guys associated with a University (note the lack of any academic qualification noted in the article) decided so see how much methane dinosaurs (giant lizards) produced by scaling up the output from cows (big mammals). Actually I'm being a bit harsh: the guy is called Dr Wilkinson, but there's no mention of what his doctorate is in. Spurious claims at a guess.

I'd like to unscientifically point out that there are significant differences between the two, like for instance they're completely different species, with different metabolic rates and digestive tracts. So really you can't compare the two pound for pound.

Again we have some unscientific conjecture given a patina of science, by associating it with an academic body and some bloke with an unspecified doctorate trying desperately to prove that a "greenhouse" gas is the cause of global warming.

At least this time they're blaming it on methane and not CO2 I suppose.

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