Monday, 27 February 2012

Is this as close to a Climate Wobble the BBC Will get?

The BBC have this article, considering Solar Data and its links to terrestrial climate. 

Now considering that the BBC is firmly in the warmist camp, the fact that it mentions Solar Climate effects at all is surprising, because as we all know, their line is that current and future climate changes are exclusively down to nasty old humans.

So for the BBC to give any time to the Solar driven climate theory (albeit with a healthy dose of warmist alamism) is akin to the BBC sitting on the fence (scientifically speaking).

Is the warmist case crumbling, or is this just an aberration to cover the bases? I just wonder if this is a move to be able to say in the coming years if solar driven climate trumps man-made global warming that they were there at the start. Or it may just be a nice try at showing they're unbiased.

Well, no. Despite the tone of the majority of the article, the dig a The Register for promoting Solar Driven Climate science and the last few paragraphs actually show the BBC is just as vehemently behind the corporate-driven warmist agenda as ever.

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