Monday, 16 January 2012

Tough Times for Retailers? More firms seek Administration.

Well, yes, trading is really poor at the moment, but it seems that clothes retailers are being hit hardest, with Peacocks being the latest firm to go into administration.

The thing is, this winter I believe clothes retailers have committed a cardinal sin. In times of recession clothes tend to be bright and inspiring or flamboyant, to take our minds off the troubles of the economy. This winter the clothes have been dull and drab, totally uninspiring, impractical and unsuited to lifting spirits. The drab greys and browns this winter, along with the totally impractical fabrics on offer show totally fail to boost morale. Its no wonder there are rows and rows of unsold clothes that fail to sell even in the sales.

Of course this may be a reflection  of companies employing young buyers who think they know better or don't remember history.

Its about time we saw some colour in fashion. Its too late for the summer season as buying decisions have already been made, but hopefully next winter we can look forward to some inspiration.

Then maybe the fortunes of the fashion retailers can turn the corner.

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