Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Don't Take Your Eye off the Ball.

One of my pet hates is when people slag off the banks and blame them for the credit crunch.

Why? Because I tell them not to blame the banks, but themselves. Most people don't understand at first, but after I explain, some get it, some unfortunately don't.

When I say they should blame themselves, its because they took their eye off the ball and became disinterested in Politics. Yes I know its a dusty, uninteresting subject, but it IS important.

If people had been paying attention to the huge deficits government had been running, been aware of the huge line of credit it had been using and understood that deregulation of banks was dangerous, we wouldn't be in this mess now, because the politicians would have been pulled up about it years ago.

Instead people though politics uninteresting, dull and not at all relevant to their lives. They couldn't be more wrong.

To me the first step to the recovery of this country and the path to reclaim it from the elite is for people to become aware just how important it is to be aware of what our politicians are up to nationally and locally.

We need to start making people aware of the machinery of politics and how and why it is relevant to their lives, get them interested and involved. Until we do, we're doomed to sail to nowhere on this rudderless ship, controlled by its unaccountable crew.


  1. dont take your eye of the ball babes

  2. Just a small, fragile sand bar of pedantry in a flood tide of misuse.
    DISINTERESTEDNESS in politics and life in general is GOOD.

    It means acting without regard to one's own selfish interests.

    Equating the word with "not bothering to take part" is now such a common misuse/abuse that restoring the word to its rightful place is probably as hopeless as trying to reclaim the original, innocent meaning of "gay".

    Nonetheless, I make this obeisance to the men who had the misfortune to try to teach me English and Latin.

  3. Yes, my mistake, I guess the two tend to get mixed up and abused often.

    Uninterested is the word, but it just didn't sound right. Curse me for being several decades old and with few grey cells left.

  4. One thing in the UK is that there are swathes of people who are more interested in the colour of Cheryl Cole's hair or with whom Katy Price is shagging rather than politics. It is a deliberate dumming down. Just look at the TV programmes we have to put up with.


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