Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Whatever Happened top the Treaty Lock?

The BBC proclaim that David Cameron "may" not sign a reworked treaty designed to to solve the Euro crisis.

I really hate this sort of sloppy journalism. Its the BBC at its worst and I've noticed of late that Radio4's finest are also slipping journalistically.

So lets set things straight...

First thing: Dave is such a spineless fucker, there's zero chance of him refusing to do anything the EU commission, Merkel, Sarkozy want him to do. In fact the only people the mendacious twat habitually ignores is the British voting public. Twice he's refused a referendum on EU membership. Twice. Remember that.

Second, Dave loves going back on any and all promises he makes to the UK voting public, because he loves rubbing your fucking faces in it. He's top dog, an elitist public school knobjockey that sees all you grubby voters as inconsequential. So, you all bought his promise of a referendum lock, you gullible mugs. Nothing could be further from his smug mug when his apparatchiks release stuff like this to the press.

I'll spell it out for you: he will do whatever the EU want and no matter how far from any original treaty the amendments get, no matter how much like a brand new treaty it will look, no matter how much of our money, wrested from us by force will be promised to the European sinkhole, you will not be allowed any form of democratic vote on it.

Considering what's happened in Greece and Italy, count yourself lucky you have a government that looks something like a democratically elected representative assembly.

Even though it is nothing of the sort.

Carry on kidding yourself.


  1. Dave is not a eurosceptic. I wish the media would stop making out that he is. He is not. Mary Ellen Synon has reported today that behind the scenes, the UK reps are more conciliatory. They will have been told by Dave to be more so. What a twat he really is.

  2. Even today's fiasco isn't an indication he's a eurosceptic. He's just doing the bidding of his masters and chums in the City of London.

    They want to continue their greedy ways unfettered by regulation (which is another name for more tax), which in itself is just another word for the EU skimming off the top for themselves.


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